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I’ve been a musician and recording engineer for more than twenty years. I started, like many in this field, by listening to Beatles vinyl and wanting to know how they made those sounds! For me, playing an instrument was always intertwined with wanting to be able to record those sounds. In middle school, I got a little Fostex 4-track recorder and spent my time recording and bouncing tracks down. Since then, I’ve made it into my full-time job and joy to work with artists in producing, recording, and mixing their records.

I live in Austin, TX with my wife and two daughters, and work out of my studio, The Audio Village, which I’ve owned and operated since 2005 and done dozens and dozens of records over the years.

I also work on staff at The Austin Stone as Director of Music, where I produce, engineer, and mix our records, most recently With/In (Capitol; Re:Think). I also manage our label, Austin Stone Music, working with dozens of songwriters, as well as a team of talented promotion, resource, marketing, and legal folks! 


Here are some projects I’ve been a part of recently, in various capacities. Click on a link to listen in Spotify (most can be found on any streaming platforms).

Roots, Jimmy McNeal (Capitol/Re:Think), forthcoming album currently in production
Ethan Yates, “Hallelujah Redeemed” (forthcoming)
Hillside Worship, “Our Champion”, “You Reign” (forthcoming)
Danny Lacey, forthcoming album currently in production
Jesus Is Greater (Live From The Gospel Coalition), Austin Stone Worship
“You + Nothing Else”, JARRYD
Sincerely, Logan Daniel Garza
“Who You Say You Are”, SoCo Worship (forthcoming)
“The Wait Is Over”/”No Hay Más Espera”, Austin Stone Worship (Capitol/Re:Think)
With/In, Austin Stone Worship (Capitol/Re:Think)
“My Heart Now” & “Nothing Can Separate” , Lumins (Capitol/Re:Think)
“A Human Disaster” & “Shine”, Aaron Peace
Austin Stone online services
“Graves Into Gardens” & “Touch of Heaven”, JARRYD
Go Conference 2020 & 2019, SEBTS
Every Moment, Garden City
Nothing To Lose, Flatland Holler
Some Things Never Die, EVERS
A Settled Rest, Phil Maucieri
The Reveille Vol 3, Austin Stone Worship (Capitol/Re:Think)
Everflow, Austin Stone Worship (Capitol/Re:Think)


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